(In the following conditions, we refer to “The Client” as a person responsible for the order of material and services,  or his or her representative).

  • The rented material may be delivered to the location desired, with transport costs calculated according to the distance, staff required and quantity of material delivered.
  • Delivery and unloading will be carried out exclusively by our staff, at ground level, unless otherwise agreed.
  • At the moment of delivery the client will thereafter act as guarantor for the material.
  • For electrical and lighting set-up, a member of our team will be responsible for all set-up and activation. Our team will advise the client on the activation and de-activation of the lighting material
  • Breakages and missing items will be calculated at collection and will be charged to the client according to the tarifs indicated in the sales invoice.
  • Material will be delivered clean and correctly packaged, and our staff will be responsible for standard cleaning.
  • Material will be replaced in the supplied packaging and gathered to a suitalbe, ground floor collection location, as agreed with the client prior to the event.
  • We advise the client to carefully check the complete and correct delivery of all items at the exact moment of delivery, together with our staff.
  • Possible disputes regarding the material must be presented within the day of delivery, and in this case, the contested material will be replaced at no additional cost.
  • Disputes and replacements made in days following the initial delivery will be subject ot a further delivery cost.
  • A payment of 50% of the invoice will be made upon completion of the order. The balance will be paid either upon delivery, or prior to delivery.
  • All costs of rental and delivery are subject by law the standard charge of  V.A.T. (I.V.A.), currently 22%.