Deciding what you need to light and decorate a full table can be complicated. There are a number of variables, and Weditaly has been doing this for 20 years, so allow us to offer you a few guidelines and ideas.

First consideration is going to be the table sizes and shapes. Long, rectangualr tables, or rounds.

For a long rectangular set-up, the lighting needs are calculated here based on a section hosting 6 guests – 3 per side. This is a handy unit to work with, of about 2 meters of table length.

For round tables, we’ve created a couple of samples based on tables seating 8 or 10 guests per table – common solutions. For a smaller set-up of 6 or so tables, tables of 8 are often preferred. for a larger party of guests, larger tables of 10 will often better work with the spaces you’re using, rather than lots of smaller tables.

Most caterers will be offering you standard sizes of tables. For long tables, they are usually either 90 cm wide, or 120 cm wide. Your choice on this will depend mostly on the size of floral composition you wish to place in along the table. For rounds, 8 seaters are usually 160 cm diamter, while for 10 guests, 180 cm is normal.

The lighting solutions that follow are based on the products we offer, and you’ll need to take into consideration your own suppliers, your floral needs, and the plate and coaster style to get a complete image of your finished table. What we want to do here is offer a selection of object that work together well, and that will give you the right amount of candle lighting for each table design.


Below you’ll fine one example of the several suggestions of kits we can supply you
feel free to contact us for more ideas: